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6 Things To Know Before Sending Out Your First Web Push Notification

The is a new marketing channel in the digital world and let me tell you, it’s here to stay.

I am talking about Web Push Notifications. The same clickable messages you have seen popping up on your browser lately.


Rings a bell?

Web Push notifications are messages that any website can send to its users on their browsers. I can go on and on about this new technology and how it is so much better than the existing marketing communication channels (that’s how obsessed I am with it :D)

Here are some reasons why I love Web Push Notifications:

  • They are totally network independent and deliver messages in real time. This means even if the user is not online at the time you send the notification, they will get it as soon as they open their browser.
  • Users don’t have to enter any personal details (like emails, name or phone number).
  • You don’t need an app. And on top of that web push works on all devices (mobiles, desktops, tablets and so on).
  • You don’t need design skills (what a relief..huh?!)
  • They have proven great results in terms of Click through rates and open rates in comparison to other marketing communication channels. (A whopping click through rate of 40%).

Now that you know what web push notifications are and why you should be using them already, I will share a few tips you need to know before sending out your first web push notification:

1) Web push explicitly asks permission from the website visitors

Web Push Notifications are different from mobile push notifications (which are only accessible on mobile apps).

Upon installing an app, the user gives permission to the app to send him notifications by default. It does not work the same way for web push notifications.

Here, websites have to explicitly ask permission from visitors in order to send them updates. Here’s how it works:

  • User visits your website > they see an opt-in asking them if they’d like to subscribe to notifications from your website.


If they click on Allow, they become your subscribers

Also, one important point to remember here is that your subscriber can opt out any time they want. All they have to do is right click on the message and block further notifications. This is why you need to keep your web push notifications interesting and engaging.

2) Your Web Push Copy is the deciding factor for Click through rates

The text of your web push notification is what captures the attention of your subscribers. If it is not crisp enough, users will not be motivated to click on your messages.

The character limit offered by various web push softwares for web push copy is between 40-120 characters making it all the more difficult.

Here are 4 tips that can help you achieve the right balance:

    • Keep it clear: Give a clear reason as to why the user should click on your notification and what hey will get on your landing page. In simple words, throw light on the benefit that the user will get.


    • Be Concise: Understand the value proposition of your notification and frame it in an engaging and tempting manner. One way to do this is by using power verbs and negative words.


    • Create Urgency: Give a time bound sale or discount (trust me, I go crazy with this one). The FOMO in me forces me to open such notifications. Urgency is the biggest driving force to increasing the desire of users to click.


    • Use Social Proof: This is a psychological trigger. People have a tendency to do what others are already doing. If you can, always include social proof in your notifications.


3) Do not spam your subscribers

I always keep repeating this phrase : With great power, comes great responsibility.

Just because you have the liberty to send any number of notifications at any time,does not mean that you have to do it.

Remember, opting out of web push notifications is as easy as opting in.

Do NOT bombard your subscribers with notifications every hour. There is no perfect number of notifications that you should send, it depends on every business.

Analyse your open rate, bounce rate, click through rate and decide the frequency capping of your web push notifications. If you ask me, I prefer sending not more than 2 notifications per week.

4) Time your Notifications based on when your users are most active

The very nature of web push notifications is based on immediate interaction with users. This is why it is very important to send notifications at the right time when you can get the highest click through rates. For starters, keep the varied time zones of your subscribers in mind.

It is easy to group the subscribers based on their country but it becomes difficult to pin down exactly when your subscribers are active online. To solve this problem, Notifyfox offers an exclusive feature called “Optimized Send”. Instead of clicking on “Send notification”, if you click on “Optimized Send”, your notification will be delivered to your users at the time when they are online mostly(we calculate this based on their online behaviour).


5) Do not use the One-shoe-fits-all approach

Personalise as much as you can. You can segment users on the basis of their activity on your website, i.e., pages visited, pages bounced off, number of visits and so on.

6) Track the right metrics

Go beyond Click through rates. Web Push notifications are much more than this. Look at the bigger objective – what is the dollar value that the notification is bringing to your business? How many purchases were made as a result of sending a particular notification? How many conversions occurred?

Put UTM sources in the notification link in order to track the user activity. This way you will be in a better position to evaluate your web push notifications success.

Web Push Notifications are a great channel of communication. They can help you engage your audience in a personalised way.
Reap the maximum benefits of web push notification by keeping these 6 points in mind and keep building your subscriber base.

Do you want to build a strong subscriber list fast?

Learn how to leverage the full power of web push notifications.

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Shivangi is the Content Crafter at Notifyfox - a software helping marketers connect and communicate better with their users.  She is a writer by day and an avid reader by night.  When not working, you can usually find her buried deep down in Google SERPs.