How Excel Tip scored a Massive Click-through-rate of 31.51%

Using Optimise Send feature at Notifyfox, Exceltip, an MS-Excel based community managed increasing their click-through-rate from 18.11% to 31.51%

“The user friendly nature of Notifyfox helped us experiment with the content, time and audience while sending out notifications. Needles to say, results were exemplary”

About the Company:

Excel Tip has been in and around the internet space since 15 years.

Being a sister concern of Excelforum, the website was created for both professionals and students to learn and hone their MS-excel skills. Today, it is the world’s largest Excel expert community with close to 1 million registered members.

Excel Tip has some of the best in-the-field experts working towards solving the basic and the most advanced MS Excel queries. From creating interactive spreadsheets to designing the most complex dashboards, Excel Tip has it all.

Their exclusive “tip of the hour” coupled with the excellent personalised solutions for business applications makes Excel Tip a one stop shop for all kinds of MS-Excel queries.

By publishing around 30 pieces of content- both tips and blogs, each day, the website covers every major query on MS Excel.

The Goal

One of the major goals of Excel Tip was to engage its community of 2 million users (daily website traffic) spread across the globe.
The biggest challenge was to keep these visitors hooked even after they left the website about the new tips and blog posts updated for each specific version and category.

While they did some paid campaigns, the results weren’t that great. The dollars spent on the campaign were enough to generate the traffic for the first time visits but not providing them the desirable RoI for triggering repeated visits.

Email marketing for newsletters gave an average of 3.2% CTR. Even after testing the content and subject line multiple times, the best it could get was 5.71%.

When they heard of web push notifications, they decided to give this “extra push” a try to reach out to their global audience. It felt like a relatively easier medium that could potentially increase their page views by bringing their users back daily.

The idea that excited Jason (Marketing head at Excel Tip) the most was that he could notify the users of recent published blogs and tips instantly and in real time triggering a higher rate of engagement.

They started looking for the best service providers in the industry which is when they came across Notifyfox. Convinced by its easy to-use features, Jason thought to give Notifyfox a try.

The Solution

As soon as Excelforum installed Notifyfox, it scored 10k+ subscribers on the first day itself.

Excel tip currently sends out 2 notifications daily. Their marketing team does a great job in picking out the most premium posts of a day and crafting compelling and targeted copies for each of these posts.

Jason was overwhelmed to see a whopping click through rate of 18.11%, almost 3x of what he was getting via emails.

This is what he had to say:

“All it takes is 45 seconds for me to create a new notification and it feels great to see suddenly comments popping up on blogs minutes after the notification is sent.

Till today, Excelforum have managed to create a pool of 76k subscribers.

But this is not where they stopped! There is much more to it.

Scoring Superbowl with Notifyfox.

Inspired with the multitude of features on Notifyfox and the ease of using them, Excel Tip experimented with the push notifications a little.

As mentioned above, Excelforum forum has a dynamic community of a million users spread across many countries (U.S.Australia, UK, India, Canada and so on). Since there happens to be a huge time difference for all of these users, Excel Tip was not able to completely optimise or harness the power of web push notifications by sending the same notification to all of them at the same time.

This is when the Optimise Send feature came in as a blessing in disguise.

How did Optimise Send help Excelforum?

We at Notifyfox try to not leave any stone unturned in giving our clients the best we can offer.

Optimise send feature sends notifications to users based on the time they are most likely to be click on a notification. How do we do it? We evaluate the usage pattern of each subscriber and deliver the notifications at the most optimal time for each of the specific users. This ensure maximum visibility and broadens the possibilities of your web push notifications being clicked.

Excel Tip tried to test this feature to check if it worked to their website.

After a few days of sending the notification the traditional way, they sent the same notification to their subscribers via Optimise send.

While the click through rate in the first case gave a CTR of 19.03%, Optimise send notification had a thrilling click through rate of 27.61%.


Since the messages were delivered to people when they were online (getting the undivided attention), a greater number of people clicked on those notifications.

These optimised notifications instant bursts of traffic reducing the bounce rate by almost 30%.

Also, the percentage of returning visitors went from 28% to 61% with the average page on time being three and a half minutes.

Comparing the result generated by each medium:


Jason was amazed to see the numbers take such a high leap when he sent the notification optimised for each subscriber according to their most active times.

The highest CTR they have received so far is a phenomenal 31.51% which was also send through Optimise Send.

Jason is very thrilled with these numbers and has plans to further scale this click through rate.
Apart from being inspired with the product, he seems quite happy with our service too. He goes on to add,

“Being from a non tech background, Notifyfox looked amazingly easy to me. They helped me set up my account and create a push ready website in under 5 minutes. Without much hassle, I could effectively deliver my CTAs and messages. “

He believes web push notifications does a great job in filling the gaps of other marketing communication channels.

The part he likes the most is how effectively the results of each notification can be measured. The UTM links help them to track the traffic which goes on their website via web push.

Ever since Jason has been recommending web push notification to each of his friends who are in the online business.


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