How RankWatch Increased Monthly Subscribers by 1300%

RankWatch a SaaS product site was able to increase their monthly blog subscribers by 1300% with web push notifications

RankWatch wanted to increase their subscriber list but the company struggled to achieve their target subscription rate. They tried several email opt-in solutions which still left them far behind their goal. That is when they decided to innovate their acquisition strategy and turned to Web Push Notifications. In one month they were able to increase their subscribers by 1300%.

About the company

RankWatch is a globally recognised Digital Marketing platform. They offer cloud-centric SEO Management solutions that include Advanced Analytics, Backlink Profiling, On-page SEO Review, Competitor and Rank Analysis. Since they started in 2013, they have been growing their business rapidly with a dedicated team of 35 employees.

The Goal

The RankWatch team had a solid content strategy. They were publishing in-depth SEO and Digital Marketing articles on the RankWatch blog weekly. And were able to generate 12 000 readers per month. But it wasn’t until the beginning of 2016 that they decided to build their blog’s subscriber list.

They were not fully utilising the potential of their blog and were missing out on increasing the number of repeat visitors. And the necessity of building their subscriber list to ensure a constant ever growing returning traffic was becoming apparent.

Here is how Devanshu the Head of Strategy at RankWatch defines their goal:

When we decided to build our subscriber list my first question was “how many subscribers do we want per month?”. Given the amount of traffic we were getting on the blog, we thought a good starting point was 1000 subscribers per month. It was an ambitious yet achievable goal.

They had a few limitations though – time and resources were sparse, because the team was occupied with several big projects. So Devanshu decided to start with the basics.

The sidebar form

They added a simple sidebar form to capture the email IDs of regular readers. During the first couple of months the form was capturing around 100 subscribers per month and with a little bit of tweaking and optimisation this number finally peaked at around 140 subscribers per month.

But Devanshu quickly realised that even if he made additional changes to the form they won’t be able to come even close to their goal. At this point it was obvious they needed to change their strategy and adopt a more proactive approach to getting subscribers.

The Pop-up

That is why they decided to create an exit pop-up which would show up every time a reader proceeds to exit the blog. Implementing the pop-up generated a 100% increase in conversions. They received 290 email IDs during the first month.


The only downside to this approach was that their team had to dedicate time writing a compelling copy, creating several versions of the design and A/B testing each one until they could select the best option.

However, even if Devanshu ran both opt-in campaigns – sidebar form and exit pop-up, he would still be unable to reach the goal of 1000 subscribers per month.

The Solution

Devanshu knew that in order to achieve their target they had to move away from traditional solutions. He found web push notifications quite promising when he came to know the average conversion rate fluctuates around 10%. So, he decided to give it a try.

On top of that, web push notifications were going to save time, resources and hence money because the opt-in design was set and there was no need to A/B test.


Now, it was simply a matter of signing up for NotifyFox.

We were happy to have a set of tools at our disposal which completely automates the process of sending notifications – RSS to push and Schedule Notifications.

Also, features like Audience Builder and Optimised Send would ultimately allow us better audience targeting and hence much higher CTR on notifications.

At this point all Devanshu had to do is add the NotifyFox java script to the RankWatch html code – a simple copy-paste action. Then sit back, relax and watch their subscribers grow on the platform.


The Results

The results didn’t take long. In fact, RankWatch got 73 subscribers during the first day alone.

We noticed we were on the right track immediately. We were seeing double digit numbers subscribe daily. By the end of the month we had 1763 subscribers.

That was an increase of 1300% and 600% compared to their sidebar form and exit popup respectively.


Additionally, they estimated they saved 15 hours of their employees’ time by using web push instead of designing and testing a pop-up creative. Devanshu reported the RankWatch team were able to use their resources more efficiently in other revenue generating activities.

In conclusion, with the help of Web Push Notifications RankWatch was able to get 1763 subscribers during their first month and overachieve their initial goal of 1000 subscribers. That is 76.3% more than what they anticipated.


If  you haven’t tried web push notifications yet, sign up for free now. It takes just a couple of minutes to add the script and start acquiring subscribers.

Disclaimer : NotifyFox is a startup incubated by the Founders of RankWatch. However, we did not let this affect the case study. All data and events presented in it are factual and have been recorded as they occurred.

Sign up! It is free up to 5000 subscribers.