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Bring back your targeted traffic with Chrome push notifications

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  • Automated web push notification

    We understand your pain and time constraints. Notifyfox plugins gives you the power of automating and scheduling your notifications for delivery at a later date or time.

  • Customized Notifications

    Every audience is different. With Notifyfox, you can send tailor-made notifications that meets your audience's’ diverse needs.

  • Actionable Metrics

    Get access to real time data including click-through-rates, subscribers, delivery rate of every notification you send.

  • Drive more traffic & Engage Users

    Notifyfox plugin helps you to increase more traffic to your website and brings your loyal visitors back.

Chrome Push Notifications

Bring back your targeted traffic with Chrome push notifications

Get increased and repeated visits by sending chrome web push notifications to your targeted audience. Notifyfox helps you send instant and real time messages or notifications to people who have subscribed to your website via Chrome browsers. Chrome, being one of the most used browser, is the most effective channel to send notification to desktops and mobile users.

Chrome web push notifications are accessible on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. Your Chrome subscribers will receive these notifications directly on their desktops/phones if they are logged in, irrespective of whether they are on your website or not.

Why use Chrome Web Push Notifications?

Personal touch of communication:

Categorize your audience into different buckets and send them personalized notifications based on their interests. Include a catchy icon, title and headline to make it more clickable.

Go Mobile without a mobile app

Chrome Web Push notifications can be sent to any subscriber who use Chrome browsers. Now you don't need to have a mobile app to be able to engage with your audience via push notifications.

Scheduling Notifications for later

Schedule any number of notifications you want to send over a period of time and save your time. We got this one for you!

Ease in setting up

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes and send web push notifications to interact with your users in real time.

How does Chrome Web Push Notification work?

1. Implement your generated smart code.

Notifyfox will generate a JavaScript code for your website. Copy it and paste it the HTML tag of your website pages. To be precise, paste it before the closing </head> tag on your website pages.

2. Prompt opt-in

As soon as the visitor comes on the website, he is shown a triggered opt in asking him whether he would be interested in receiving updates from your websites. If the visitor clicks on “Allow”, he is added to the website’s subscriber list.

3. Sending the first notification

Now that you have your list of subscribers, you are ready to send out your first web push notification. All you have to do is create a title, description, enter the URL you want the subscribers to be redirected at.

4. You’ve done it!

This is it. Your subscribers can now see your notification which will pop out of their browsers as soon as you they are online. You can also track your web push notification performance through our powerful dashboard which shows detailed analytics data on your subscribers as well as the click through rate.

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