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  • Automated web push notification

    We understand your pain and time constraints. Notifyfox plugins gives you the power of automating and scheduling your notifications for delivery at a later date or time.

  • Customized Notifications

    Every audience is different. With Notifyfox, you can send tailor-made notifications that meets your audience's’ diverse needs.

  • Actionable Metrics

    Get access to real time data including click-through-rates, subscribers, delivery rate of every notification you send.

  • Drive more traffic & Engage Users

    Notifyfox plugin helps you to increase more traffic to your website and brings your loyal visitors back.

Mobile Web Push Notifications

Mobile web push notifications are messages which you can send to your mobile users at their mobile browsers. These notifications work similar to mobile app push notifications except that you don't need an app to be able to send a mobile web push notification.

Now you don't need to invest in an app to be able to send push notifications to your users. Send messages to your subscribers on the go even when they are not on your website.

Why chosse Mobile web Push Notifications?

Custom messages and engagement

Categorize your audience into unique buckets depending on their preferences, requirements and user behavior using Notifyfox and send tailor made messages exclusively for a particular set of audience.

Send push notifications without a mobile app

You don’t have to burn your pockets to create a mobile app to engage personally with your users. Web push notifications enables you to send messages at your user’s mobile browser without having a mobile app.

Ease in set up and use

You don't have to waste hours to understand or make your website push ready. Notifyfox is user friendly and very easy to setup.

How does Mobile Web Push Notification work?

1. Insert the smart code

Notifyfox will generate a JavaScript code for your website as soon as your create a free account. Put this code in the HTML of your website pages.

2. Opt-in for permission

When the visitor comes on your website, he is shown a popup asking for permission to send him web push notifications. If the user clicks on “Allow”, he is added to your website’s subscriber list.

3. Sending the first web push notification on mobile

You can now go to Notifyfox Dashboard, create a crisp and engaging title, description, add an icon image and link and hit “Send”. It’s time to sit back, relax and see the magic web push notification does to your traffic.

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