Web Push Notifications

Marketer's New Best Friend

Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that are delivered right at the user’s browser. These messages can be sent only to those users who have subscribed to receive updates or notifications from your website.

The user does not have to be on your website to receive these messages. They are delivered instantly and in real time across all devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets, desktops). This means even if the subscriber is not online at the time of delivery of messages, he will still receive the notification as soon as he opens his browser.

How does Safari Web Push Notification work?

Web Push notifications functions as a 2-step process:
  • 1Opt-in

    As soon as the visitor comes on the website, he is prompted an opt-in box asking for permission - whether he would like to receive updates from your website. Visitor can choose to click “Allow” or “Disallow” at his discretion, post which the opt in would disappear.

    Desktop Opt-In

    Mobile Opt-In

  • 2Sending Notification

    If the visitor clicks on “Allow”, he is added to the website’s subscriber list. Now, the website can send any notification at any time they wish, to the subscriber. He will receive these notifications on his mobile/desktop browser.

    By clicking on the notification, the subscriber will be sent to the redirected URL specified by the website for that particular notification.

    Desktop Push Notifications

    Mobile Push Notifications

Why use Web Push Notification?

    Here are the highlighted benefits of web push notification:
  • 1Web push notifications are easy to setup and use

  • 2Web push notifications expand your reach and displays the message to your audience at a place where they spend their maximum time - browsers.

  • 3Web push notifications don’t require the Email addresses, name, phone number or any other personal information of the users. Hence, its opt in rates are far better than any other marketing communication channel.

  • 4Web push notifications do not require you to be a design buff

  • 5Web push notifications are delivered instantly and it real time

How can you use Web Push Notification?

Web push notifications can be used across all industries. The main purpose is reaching out to the users in a more personalized way and getting traffic to your website.

Though it can be used by any business, the maximum advantages are reaped by E Commerce industries and publishing businesses.

Here are some use cases for the two of these businesses:


  • Announce new product launches or early bird prices of new products
  • Notifications for discounted sale on products
  • User Behaviour based notifications
  • Notifications to get repeated visits
  • Notifications to recover Abandoned Carts
  • Shipment or expected Delivery Notification

Publisher websites:

  • Promote your recently launched article
  • Promoting old well-performing articles
  • Send Related Content to your subscribers
  • Feedbacks on your posts

How to get started with Web Push Notifications?

You have to complete 3 steps to attain this awesomeness:

This is it. Less than 5 minutes to make your website push ready.
  • Send Your First Web Push Notification Today